Abundance Accelerator Course

Break up with “I can’t afford it” and learn how to create a pattern of prosperity. 

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Go from burnt out and broke to lit up and loaded entrepreneur in 6 easy steps

We'll guide you through each of the 6 steps in detail so that you can create a new relationship with abundance, fast!

Step 1

Visioning a new pattern of prosperity 

Step 2

Accepting, honoring, and celebrating what was

Step 3

Getting responsible for outstanding energy and pending payments

Step 4

Opening up space to receive

Step 5

Inviting prosperity in

Step 6

Celebrating your new pattern and creating support structures for sustainability

Are you an entrepreneur constantly finding yourself saying these four soul-crushing words, “I can’t afford it?”

You say it often with the things you want… your dream car, a luxury vacation, new clothes, maybe even a speciality item at the grocery store.  

You know that once your business is rocking that is all going to change. But right now you are stuck. It seems as though you can’t really afford to invest in your business either. Your list grows with dreams of hiring a virtual assistant and a business coach. You cannot wait for the day you can say yes to attending a retreat, signing up for a course, getting new equipment, bringing on more support, finally outsourcing your taxes.  

We get you. We’ve been there.  

It’s not that you can’t end that old song and dance of more money going out than what’s coming in, it’s that you don’t know how to make more.  

We always do the best we can with what we know. And what you know created you a lot, but it’s running out of gas to get you to the next level.  

It’s time to reinvent your relationship with money. It’s time to be empowered and creating the money that you desire.  

We will teach you how to break up with your draining money relationship and step into a pattern of prosperity.  

We’ll walk you through the sacred steps of being able to say YES and generate the money for your desires.  

It’s possible for you, you deserve it.

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Show Me the Money

The 6 modules of the Abundance Accelerator Course build upon one another to shift you out of a disempowered relationship with money and into a new relationship with prosperity that supports you to create the money you desire.  

There are 6 virtual workshops that walks you through the step by step how-to of accelerating abundance.  

Each of the 6 modules also includes a curated meditation recording. The meditation perfectly pairs with the weekly workshop and can be used every morning and night.  

A private Facebook group will provide a space for ongoing support. Kaela & Lisa will do monthly Q&A on Facebook Live. You can ask as many questions on Facebook to be consistently supported.

Hello, Abundance!

Hi! We're Kaela & Lisa

We're a mother-daughter duo with a bold vision to create a new world order of conscious entrepreneurs who are rising into their power by embracing who they are. We looked around and saw that the old model of success was outdated and that it was based on the proverbial ladder where the climb to the top is lonely - and there’s only room for one. Instead, we see circles of like-minded women who choose to do business in a way that’s collaborative and based on building real relationships. We rise to the top together, linking arms with a community of powerful female entrepreneurs who are ready to disrupt business as usual.

Hear it From Them


"I made $30,000 this quarter and paid off debt!"

Chris W.

"I received $10,000 by manifesting a bonus and earning extra from my energy work business."

Cathy L.

"I am in overflow! I upgraded my camera and computer and was able to go on two vacations."

Brita H.

"I made $50,006 in 90 days!!!! This makes such a huge difference for my family."

Alex V.

"After working with Kaela I am actively enrolling and receiving referrals from my clients without me even asking this month! So powerful, and every prospect I meet with in person I signed up on the spot! I wholeheartedly agree with what Kaela teaches about enrollment. Looking back on the process of my first enrollments I see the reason why I didn’t convert was that I didn’t have my “inner game” together. I had not fully arrived to understand my value, worth, & expertise confidently. So while the actual process is important I think from my experiences thus far it totally was the work underneath the process!"

Joy S.

"I generated $12,345 by empowering women in their life and business."

Jess V.

"I had recently moved back to my hometown and opened my own massage practice when I started working with Lisa. At the time, I didn't have a full schedule, and finances were tight. Two months after joining, my monthly income doubled as a result! My mindset has also shifted from always focusing on lack to now focusing on abundance. This is a huge part of why I am where I am now. More clients, more positive, believing in abundance, more financial freedom!"

Nikki L.

"I am 20 pounds down and my $25,000 goal is met!"

Hope D.

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